On November 7, 2019 the PaCMAN Unit Laboratory has been inaugurated!

Hosted by the Department of Agricultural and Food Science of the University of Naples Federico II, the PaCMAN Unit Laboratory is the first laboratory in Europe entirely dedicated to the characterization of plants for regenerative systems to support life in Space.

The Higher Plant Compartment is one of the most complex compartments of the MELiSSA loop and requires dedicated research infrastructures in order to study and mathematically characterize plant development and crop production. As such, the PaCMAN Unit was conceived as an environmentally controlled and leak-proof system for scientific studies on various crops.

In collaboration with several MELiSSA partners, ODYS has developed the control system and the software infrastructure behind PaCMAN Unit Laboratory.

Check out the video from the inauguration ceremony and read more about the PaCMAN project at https://www.melissafoundation.org/page/higher-plant-characterization

Credits: MELiSSA Space Research Program