Our Services

ODYS offers engineering services for the design and development of automatic control systems based on real-time optimization, model predictive control, and machine learning. The consulting services of ODYS include analyzing with the client the desired features to be optimized, constraints, and sources of uncertainty, along with the most adequate engineering solution for it, and the development of the software modules required for solving the decision problem. Training and after-sale support is offered remotely or at the client site.

In addition to being a supplier for private companies, ODYS is also actively participating in externally funded projects, including European and national projects. Partnerships in research and innovation projects create opportunities for ODYS to bridge the gap between academia and industry, enabling technology transfer and reducing the time-to-market of innovative products.


Collaborating with ODYS to design innovative control systems often opens up opportunities for patents. The following patents are co-authored by ODYS and owned by our clients:


ODYS expertise is based on years of academic research on automatic control and optimization. Here below is a list of selected papers showing theoretical and applied research results in various application domains. See more on Google Scholar webpages of Daniele Bernardini, Alberto Bemporad and Gionata Cimini.




Process control

Model Predictive Control and optimization theory