RETROFEED is promoted by SPIRE and funded by the European Union within the EU Horizon 2020 framework (grant agreement n. 869939). It involves 18 research, technology and industrial partners from 10 different European countries. RETROFEED has kicked off on November 26th-27th 2019 in Brussels.

Over the next 42 months, partners will work together to develop a methodology to support the retrofitting of the core equipment of process industries towards their operation with alternative raw materials. ODYS will contribute to implementing advanced monitoring and control systems, to support the plant operators employing a DSS covering the production chain.

The concept will be demonstrated in five resource and energy-intensive sectors, namely ceramic, cement, aluminum, steel and agrochemical. The project aims at an increase of 22% in resource efficiency and 19% in energy efficiency, with a consequent reduction in costs and CO2 emissions.

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