The European technology project DISIRE wants to set new standards in energy efficiency for chemical, steel and mineral processing as well as for combustion processes used in many industrial sectors. The DISIRE project was launched on the 28-29th of January 2015 in Brussels. Top researchers and world leading industrial players involved in DISIRE will develop robust, yet miniaturized in-situ PAT sensors during the following 36 months.

The aim of DISIRE technological platform is to enable integration of these sensors into raw material flows to measure and transmit data to a cloud turning the concept of “Intelligent Raw Materials” into reality. Substantial reduction in energy consumption and improvement in process efficiency will be achieved through process reconfigurations based on the data collected. Fully new opportunities for commercial applications and cross-sectorial business cases may arise in the European Industry.

DISIRE project is funded under the EU Horizon 2020 framework, SPIRE PPP, and involves 15 partners, among them leading research and industrial partners from Sweden, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland and Israel. They will tackle the challenges of high energy intensity and process optimization in the European major industries collectively through the development of advanced Process Analyzer Technologies (PAT). DISIRE stands for ‘”Distributed In-Situ Sensors Integrated into Raw Material and Energy Feedstock”.

Read more about the project on the DISIRE website.

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DISIRE at a glance:

  • Duration: 36 months
  • Start: 1st of January, 2015
  • Funding: 6 million EUR
  • Consortium partners:

DISIRE partners