• Automotive Control

    Design, simulation and code generation of MPC solutions for automotive embedded applications.

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  • Aerospace

    Real-time optimization tools for designing guidance, navigation and control modules for space applications.

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  • Energy

    Automated and risk-aware decision strategies for optimal smart grid management and market operations.

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  • Advanced Process Control

    Model predictive control solutions for optimizing productivity, quality and costs in industrial processes.

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Welcome to ODYS

ODYS is a company specialized in providing consultancy services and software tools for the development of Model Predictive Control (MPC) systems. Based on more than 20 years of scientific research, our expertise covers advanced multivariable control design, efficient real-time optimization algorithms, and tools for their deployment in production. Application domains include automotive, aerospace, energy, and process control. Read more about our services and projects.

Advanced Design

We support R&D and production engineers over the entire MPC design process: control problem setup, system identification, customization of advanced MPC features, and controller tuning in co-simulation.

Efficient optimization

Our state-of-the-art optimization library allows us to pick the best solver for the problem at hand (explicit/implicit, small/large scale, etc.), enabling efficient and robust execution of embedded MPC systems in real time.

Easy Deployment

We provide automatic code generation tools that enable seamless integration of MPC in different control platforms and fast deployment in embedded applications.

Application Domains

We offer our experience in model predictive control design, simulation, and code generation to help automotive engineers developing control systems based on fast and reliable real-time optimization, for solving control problems related to autonomous driving, powertrain, and vehicle dynamics.
We customize advanced real-time optimization tools for designing guidance, navigation, and control modules for the space industry. Applications include satellite attitude control, space rendezvous, and navigation of unmanned aircraft.
We provide consulting services for designing real-time management systems that can optimally control power flows in smart grids and place bids on the power exchange and ancillary service markets, to maximize profits in a risk-sensitive and safe way under uncertainty induced by load, energy prices, and intermittency of renewables.
Process engineers in the pulp and paper, steel, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries can take advantage of ODYS’s know-how in model predictive control to develop customized process control solutions that optimize productivity and quality under the best use of available resources.

Some of our Clients

Ford Denso Astrium Milltech

Industrial Projects

Funded Projects

Marie Curie Innovative Training Network
oCPS: Platform-aware Model-driven Optimization of Cyber-Physical Systems
2016 – 2018